Case Study: Reimage Church


Nothing excited us more than when we received a call from Randy Peugh of Reimage Church in California, asking us to redesign their website. At the time, the church was actually called “Revive” - and they were in the process of a massive overhaul of their online presence and vision as a church.

Within a few days of their call, we started developing an exciting strategy to tackle their website overhaul from the ground up.

The first step, of course, was for us to assess the layout and performance of their existing site. They knew their site was suffering: slow loading times, ancient copy, broken links and outdated, early-2000’s era design to name a few problems. There wasn’t even an option for their congregation to tithe digitally!

Here’s a couple examples of their site before they came to us (click to enlarge):

This was Revive’s old home page.

The site was outdated, text-heavy, and performed poorly in mobile tests.

Needless to say, we were incredibly excited to get to work with them and help bring their church from stone-age into the age of clarity.

With every website we design, we follow a simple, 3-step formula: clarify, build trust, and create opportunity for engagement. This 3 step process allows passive online visitors to become active, trusting participants in your business, leading to growth in trust, sales, client connections, and new client outreach.

  1. Clarify

  2. Build Trust

  3. Engage

An early example of our proposed changes to the site

An early example of our proposed changes to the site

Unfortunately, not all businesses realize the importance of their website in the digital age. A whopping 94% of people judge a website (and thus a business) on responsive web design.¹

That is to say that when a potential customer or client’s first experience with your business is your website (say, from a google maps search for “dentist” or “chiropractor”), and that website performs poorly, that potential client or customer has already made a judgement about your business — and it’s not a good one.

With so many consumers having their first interaction with a business through the web, paying close attention to the design of your website is more important than ever before.

The existing site’s transparent nav bar. Under “resources,” we’ve created a host of ways for their congregation to engage digitally with the church.

With Reimage, we started by significantly reducing the amount of items presents in the navigation bar. By improving the navigation of their site, we improved the clarity of their site.

Clarity is of massive importance to your website visitors. Imagine the hassle of navigating to a website so you can contact a business or purchase a product. But, in the navigation bar, there’s 3 options for contacting the business, with 2 of the links not working. There’s also a button to purchase products, but when you open the menu, there’s 3 more categories to choose from to buy. You don’t know which one to use, but it doesn’t matter - none of them work. Plus, there are multiple “about pages” and the text is too long really read, you get bored, and you leave the site as quickly as you came.

The website that is easy and clear to use is the one that gets the business.

Reimage’s updated vision & mission page

Once we clarified the navigation of Reimage’s website and provided website visitors with a direct way to interact with the church and learn about who they are, we tackled the trust-building portion of the site.

In the digital age, it’s more important than ever to build trust with your website visitors - especially if they are experiencing your business for the first time through an online search! Building trust is done not only through your “about” page, but also through your design, photos, and brand feel.

We overhauled all of these for Reimage, including an updated “leaders” page, appropriate inspiring photography, and new pages explaining their vision and mission as a church.

Here are some examples (click through to see old and new):

The final, and arguably most important part of a successful website is giving your website visitors the opportunity to engage. This bridges the gap between trust and action, allowing your to grow your business or vision beyond what it’s currently at.

Typically, engagement means including a clear way for website visitors to contact you, and making that contact form as simple and visible as possible. Unfortunately, contact forms are sometimes buried deep in navigation menus, the forms often don’t work, or they aren’t collecting the right info.

Additionally, to increase engagement with website visitors, we introduced a new, functioning calendar, an option to read online sermon notes during service, a page for listening to digital audio from past sermons, and a page to collect tithing donations online, all from the palm of your hand during service.

Here are some of those pages:

Addition of a “giving” page allows congregation to tithe via website on desktop or phone

Tithing page on mobile

Tithing page on mobile

Audio from past sermons can be found through the “Sermons” page

Audio from past sermons can be found through the “Sermons” page

Calendar page allows congregation to see what’s coming up

Calendar page allows congregation to see what’s coming up

The end result of this website design overhaul was a renewed vision for Reimage church. With their vision and values clearly outlined and ways for their congregation to connect digitally with the church through audio sermons, sermon notes, and online tithing, Reimage was well-prepared to bring their church out of the stone-age and into a new vision that truly reflected who they are.

Here’s what Randy had to say about the redesign:

“Our church was about to catapult into a big plan: rebrand and renew an aging congregation with very little internal expertise on technology. Partnering with David Talley and Reckon turned the corner for us. We needed a sharp, nimble website to replace our bland predecessor—and they delivered. We will be forever grateful for their insights and creativity in honing our online presence. Nailed our website needs as well as very helpful training in maintaining it.”

— Randy Peugh, Reimage Church Pastor


We had an absolute blast working with Reimage, and we’re honored that we could provide a wonderful, effective, engaging site for their new vision.

When you work with Reckon, we happily transfer your old domain, set up contact pages, and make sure everything is running smoothly. We also provide detailed training videos on how to use your site and make necessary changes as your business grows.

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